And Then on Day 10…..

My schedule at work has been a little hectic lately.  I was supposed to work 13 days straight, but on day 10 my body decided to succumb to the nasty little virus that has been running rampant around school.   I was so tired on Wednesday of this week, that I was truly afraid to drive home.  Well I made it, and promptly went to bed.  I woke up Thursday morning, exhausted, after sleeping for 11 hours and decided it would be best if I stayed home.

Best decision I have made in a while I slept a total of 17 hours on Thursday and I was still tired on Friday.  At least all that sleep went a long way to making me feel better.   I blame the Women’s Softball team.  I worked with them last weekend and all of them were sick, in fact, I worked with them again this weekend and yelled at every last one of them.  They are banned from getting cookies from me for at least a week.  Rotten kids….Anyway, they did apologize and accepted complete and total blame, it made me feel marginally better or maybe I was just too tired to fight with them any longer.  Either way, we made up and I now owe them cookies next week.

I am currently back to being a department of one, but I am hoping to rectify that situation shortly, wish me luck!  At least this week I only have to work 6 days in a row, whoo hooo!

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