It is official

I finally found the one thing that will stop me from grilling…..temperatures below 5 degrees.  This week started out unbearably cold, which is bad, but the wind, the wind was brutal.   I was originally going to grill some bone in lamb chops or veal chops for Valentines Day, but I quickly changed my mind after being blasted by the wind when I went to the grocery store.

I settled on a good old fashioned comfort meal instead, one that had lots of red and one heck of a lot of cheese!  Lasagna!  Might not be the most romantic dinner in the world, but it was warm, it was comforting, and it was exactly what I needed after being sick for the last four days.

finished lasagna

I knew I was going to need something chocolate to finish out my dinner.  I found a recipe for chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, I mean come on, the recipe called for unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder, and bittersweet chocolate. Whoo HOOOOO!

choc cookies

Hopefully you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day, mine involved chocolate so you know I was happy!

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