Pork Chops, Salad, and Pierogi

I picked up a package of pork chops to have for dinner, they were the thick cut kind, so I knew they would take a little while to cook.   I started by searing them in a cast iron skillet, then sliding them in a pre heated oven to finish cooking.

2.19.16 002

I had pulled out a bag of home made pierogi from the freezer in the morning, so I knew my starch was all planned out, but I wasn’t sure what to make for my veggie.   I have been craving salad lately, so when I stopped at the store for the pork, I grabbed a package of baby romaine lettuce.

2.19.16 003

I knew  I had olives, peppers, and blue cheese in the fridge and a few cherry tomatoes on the counter so it was a simple matter of plating, dressing, and digging in!  We have been eating the lettuce all week for lunch, the hubby likes to take whatever left over meat we have, slice it and top his salad with it.  I have been taking salad and pairing it with something on the side – a bowl of soup, some freshly made tuna salad, that kind of thing.   We are both really happy to have greens in the fridge.

I am trying to decided whether or not to sign up for the CSA again this summer.  We both really enjoy having fresh produce in the house, but with my work schedule and the hubby’s hours, it was tough to pick up the produce, let alone eat all of it in one week.   I think I might just stick with picking up items at the local farm stands this summer and re group next year.  I think between the local markets and my garden, we should have a nice selection of veggies in the house this year.


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