Banana Bread with Milk Chocolate Chips

So the hubby has been home all week, which is nice, cause we are never in the same state for more than 5 days at this time of year.   We had some banana’s in the fruit bowl that had seen better days.  While the hubby was at his appointment on Monday night, I made a double batch of banana bread with walnuts and milk chocolate chips.

I don’t normally even have milk chocolate chips in my house, but one of my co workers LOVES milk chocolate and I had intended on making him cookies using the chips.  Ah well, best laid plans.  The good news is he is a huge fan of banana bread so he was quite happy with me bringing him in two small loaves.  He was supposed to share them with his office mate, but a little bird told me that didn’t happen.

banana bread

I figure it is none of my business, I just make the bread, it isn’t up to me to police who actually gets some, right? Anyway, I left the big loaf at home for the hubby to enjoy, the rest I took to work.  Everyone seemed really happy to have a slice of home baked goodness with their coffee and no one but me even noticed that the chips were milk instead of semi sweet.

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