Lamb…It’s Whats for Easter

I finally had an entire weekend off!  I almost didn’t know what to do with myself, I quickly recovered from the shock and took it easy for a few days.   I didn’t want a big crowd on Easter so I invited my friend Cat and her hubby for dinner.  It was a lovely, relaxing, fun dinner. I couldn’t have pictured a better meal with better company.

I took a risk and cooked lamb.  Cat and her hubby had only ever had lamb from the Halal truck at work, never a grilled rack of lamb, but I figured they needed to expand their horizons and we LOVE lamb in our house.

Because I know no one can resist a potato gratin, I made that and roasted asparagus along with some home made sour dough bread.   I hedged my bets by making Cat’s favorite for dessert – rice pudding!

The  bread takes three days to prepare, first you “feed” the starter, then you make the poolash, then you make the dough…but it is totally worth it, goodness it was delicious!  I kept  the lamb recipe simple. I diced up garlic and rosemary, then added some stone ground mustard, some dijon mustard, and a bit of olive oil.   All it needed was a healthy dose of freshly cracked black pepper and we were all set.  I slathered it on the meat and my hubby grilled it for me.

3.27.16 018

minced garlic and rosemary

I made two loaves of blueberry lemon ricotta bread, which only uses the rind of the lemon, so in an effort to use the whole lemon, I made a batch of lemonade to see us through the afternoon.

3.27.16 007

It was so tart and sweet, a lovely hint of summer days to come.  The night ended with big bowls of rice pudding, lightly sprinkled with cinnamon.  I am not sure who enjoyed the lamb more, the humans or Cat’s puppy Abby – she LOVED eating a few scraps when we were done with dinner.

We had such a lovely day and I am so grateful to have spent it with such good friends.  I hope that all of you who celebrate had as special a day as we did!

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