Easter Breakfast

I made a nice hearty breakfast on Easter Sunday.  I asked the hubby if he wanted eggs, bacon, homefries and toast or if he wanted me to whip up a batch of waffles.  Surprisingly he choose the eggs.  Makes no difference to me, I like both!

The eggs came out of the pan perfectly cooked, not one brown mark on the eggs and the yolks were deliciously runny.  Bacon, what can I say, it should be it’s own food group, I mean really, what isn’t better with bacon……

Once we devoured breakfast, I decided to peel a few eggs to make a plate of deviled eggs for later in the day.  One of the egg shells had cracked before I put it in the dye and when I peeled it, it has the BEST design on it.

3.27.16 008

The hubby was grossed out and said it looked like a vein and wouldn’t eat the darn thing, I had no such problems and once it was mashed, seasoned, and filled, I popped the sucker right into my mouth!  Did any of you have any fun colored eggs this year or was it just me?

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