So the first full day of spring it snowed in our area. I couldn’t believe it!  I decided to embrace the snow with a batch of wickedly warm chili and a pan of sweet corn bread.

chili and cornbread

I figured I needed to use as many colorful peppers has humanly possible in the dish so I wouldn’t be depressed over winter’s RUDE intrusion on spring.


Thank goodness the local grocery was able to accommodate my need for a rainbow of peppers in my chili.  I don’t like chili made with ground beef, I use beef cubes in mine and I slowly simmer it until the meat is falling apart tender.  Add in a bunch of tomatoes, garlic, some canned beans, and lots of warm spices and you get a pretty darn good batch of chili, if I do say so myself!  Goodbye winter…see you next year!

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