Mother Nature is Off Her Meds…

We hosted out last accepted student day on Saturday and SURPRISE!  Mother nature decided she wasn’t quite done with winter and blessed us with a lovely nightmare dusting of snow.  It truly wasn’t that much snow, but we have been experiencing such beautiful spring weather, almost everyone I know put away their hats, gloves, and coats, so the thought of snow and cold temperatures in April put everyone in a slightly cranky mood.   Traffic was a bear getting home from work and I decided that the only thing that could salvage this night was a pot of cream of potato soup with ham.  I mean really, I NEEDED the carbs and cream, it was totally necessary for my state of mind.

pot soup with cream

I stopped at the store and picked up a ham slice, I had all of the other ingredients at home. It was rather simple to chop, drop, saute, and simmer my way to a beautiful pot of soup after a very long day at work.

The good news….we had 11 people commit to our school on Saturday, whoo hooo!  That made it totally worth braving the cold and snow.  I will leave you with pictures of the plants blooming in our front yard, I am hoping Mother Nature will see the error of her ways and bring back the warm temperatures and brilliant blue skies later on this week.

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