Hubby’s B Day Dinner

So last weekend was the hubby’s birthday and I worked both Saturday and Sunday. I took the easy way out on Saturday, after a long day at work, I made reservations instead of dinner. Yes, genius move if I do say so myself!  Sunday I had the morning off, but had to work the afternoon and I knew getting a elaborate meal on the table would be a stretch.  Thank goodness the hubby loves pasta and meatballs.

I was able to make the sauce and meatballs in the morning, go to work and then all I had to do when I got home was heat everything up and boil a pot of water.  Not too shabby.   Since I have been limiting carbs, I switched my plates, I used a dinner plate for my salad and a salad plate for my pasta.  It worked out really well for  me and it left a lot more pasta for the hubby so it was a win all around!


The plate with the pasta was his, I didn’t bother to snap a photo of mine, instead I figured I would take a pic of my salad.  I tried to make sure it had plenty of veggies and indulged with some blue cheese dressing.  All in all, it was a lovely birthday dinner and thankfully, it was super easy to put on the table after a long week.  Happy birthday to the hubby!

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