Smoked Chops

YUM, I grabbed some smoked pork chops from the butcher shop. He has his own smoke house and the pork chops are to die for!

smoked chops

I worked a bit late so I needed something that could be on the table in a flash.  I cut and steamed the cauliflower while the hubby grilled the chops.  All I had left to do was heat up some canned baked beans and ta da!  Dinner in a hurry.  Good thing too, because it was so delicious.

I can’t believe that next weekend I will be ready to plant my vegetable garden, this year is just flying by!  The hubby turned up the soil and added some mushroom soil for me.  He moved all of the strawberries to one side of the garden and cut down the thyme plant.  It was HUGE.

The strawberry plants all have flowers, so hopefully in the next few weeks we will have ripe red berries to snack on!


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