Chicken Enchilada Casserole

I am not a huge fan of casseroles, they are OK, but not usually my cup of tea.  I have been feeling like we are in a rut so I pulled out a few recipe books to see what sparked my interest.

I came across one for a chicken enchilada casserole that you make with brown rice (which I had leftover in the fridge), refried beans, enchilada sauce, frozen corn, diced onions, and cooked chicken.  You top the entire thing with cheese and bake it off.

Seemed simple enough and I figured if it was awful, we could order pizza.  Well… my surprise it was really yummy.  So yummy in fact, I took some to work for lunch the next day.  Practically unheard of in my house….I am not a fan of leftovers!

chx enchilada casserole

It was super easy to put together and once it all went into the casserole dish, I was able to fully clean up the prep dishes and the kitchen.  I stored the leftovers in the dish it baked it so clean up was a snap.  I made a huge salad to go alongside the casserole and as you can see, I topped it with a dollop of sour cream.  The hubby really liked it so I marked it as a recipe that I would be willing to try again, next time I am going to cook the diced onions, the recipe called for tossing them in uncooked, but they were a bit crunchy, I have a few other ideas on how I would change the recipe for next time….but that’s another post for another time!

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