School’s Out For Summer….

Well, technically we offer two summer sessions so I guess school is really only out for one week.  The summer sessions have far less students, especially the first one, so campus feels like a ghost town right now.   It makes for easier parking, but that’s about the only plus.

I decided to celebrate the end of the school year by making a recipe that I had bookmarked a while back – Giada’s Chicken Marsala Meatballs

Whenever I make regular chicken marsala, I usually double the sauce so we can serve it over pasta, so I went ahead and did that with this recipe too.  It was the only change I made.  They turned out DELICIOUS!  I took some leftovers into one of my coworkers and he LOVED them, said they were his new favorite dish.  I definitely think I will be making these again soon!

Because I am really, really picky about my ground meats, and since I wasn’t able to get to the butcher, I pulled out my trusty meat grinder (thank you Momma!) and ground the chicken myself.

The recipe calls for making the meatball mixture ahead and letting it rest in the fridge to get super cold.  Since I partially froze the chicken before grinding it, I think I could have skipped this step.  Before I cut and froze the chicken, I diced the shallots and mushrooms and stashed them in the fridge for later.  It really made it disgustingly easy to throw dinner together.

While the mushrooms and shallots browned in a pan, I fried up the meatballs.   I put on a pan of water for the pasta and roasted off a whole spaghetti squash for me.  I finished making the sauce, added the meatballs and cleaned up some of the prep dishes.

It was a simple matter to boil off the pasta, make a salad, and serve dinner.

It was so good!  I have to say, there were quite a few dished to wash after making this dinner, but it was totally worth it in the end.  You should definitely try this recipe!

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