Friday Night Pizza Night

I don’t know if it is the same for the rest of the country, but in Southeastern PA, Friday nights are traditionally pizza night.  I was in the mood for pizza, but I wasn’t in the mood to order out.  I made a batch of pizza dough in the bread maker and picked up a few toppings at the store.

The hubby is a straight up pepperoni fan, I like to change things up.  My pizza had tons of fresh veggies – mushrooms, yellow peppers, red onions, and arugula.


I have a pizza stone made specifically for the grill.  I tend to like Neapolitan style pizza (sorry Chicago!) so I  roll the dough out really thin.  I get the pizza stone screaming hot, usually around 600 degrees, then slide the pizza on the stone.  It takes mere minutes for the pizza to cook, the bottom of the crust gets really crunchy, almost cracker like in texture.

The only down side to having one pizza stone, I can only make one pizza at a time, but since they cook so quickly, it usually isn’t an issue.  This is something I make for a crowd, but since there are only two of us, it is a great Friday night dinner, especially in the summer.

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