Grilled Chicken and Zucchini

Our grill died over Memorial Day weekend, boo hoo, but the good news is we were able to pick up a new one AND because of a great sale, we got it for a really great price!

I can’t complain about our old grill, we had the thing for 16 years and we used it multiple times a week.  We certainly got our money’s worth from it, that is for sure.

It is amazing how different the new grill is, it heats up so quickly, heck it starts with one push of the button, but what is really fun about the new grill, it has a sear station on it.   You turn on the sear station, it gets one part of the grill screaming hot and you can sear off your meat.   The hubby has been having a blast playing with it for the last week.  It makes some incredibly beautiful grill marks….

chx and zucchini

Summer weather has finally arrived and I thought a nice dinner of grilled, boneless, skinless chicken, zucchini, and rice would be the perfect thing to eat on the deck after a long day of work.  I seasoned the chicken with Penzey’s Greek Seasoning . The zucchini was tossed in a bit of olive oil and seasoned them simply with salt and pepper.

YUM, perfect late spring dinner out on the deck, yeah!

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