Sloppy Joe’s

I wanted hamburgers for dinner, the hubby did not, I compromised by making one of his favorite dinners – Sloppy Joe’s.

peppers and onions

The grocery store had all of their peppers on sale and I just love incorporating red, yellow, and orange peppers into dishes.  They just look so darn pretty!

I started by grinding up a chuck roast, using the grinding attachment of my kitchen aid mixer.  I am not a huge fan of ground meats, but if I am going to eat them, I definitely prefer to either grind my own or pick up freshly ground meat from our local butcher.  It really does make an incredible difference in your finished dish and is totally worth the effort.

grind your own

Once the meat was ground, I sauteed it in a pan with a little olive oil.   When the meat was about halfway cooked through, I added the onions and peppers to the pan.

6.3.16 006

I seasoned it with a little salt and pepper, then added a can of tomato paste and let that cook out for a bit.   Finally I added some minced garlic, a can of unseasoned tomato sauce, some Worcestershire sauce, a little store bought BBQ sauce, and a nice generous dash (or three!) of hot sauce, and let the entire thing simmer for about an hour.

The hubby prefers soft potato rolls for his Sloppy Joe’s and oven roasted fries.  I ate mine without a bun and had a HUGE salad on the side.  We were both very happy with our dinner!

sloppy joes

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