Turkey Tenderloin

I picked up a store marinated turkey tenderloin for dinner.  We really do love turkey in our house and it makes for a nice change from chicken on occasion.


The new grill has been a wonderful addition to our spring grilling season.  I can’t believe how well and FAST our dinners cook!  We actually had to wait for the rice to be done cooking, the meat and veggies were done well before the rice.  How crazy is that!

I cooked a package of Goya yellow rice, one of the hubby’s favorites.  I didn’t have any, which made him extremely happy, I have never met anyone who likes rice as much as my husband.  He was down right gleeful about having three cups, cooked, all to himself.  Thankfully, he didn’t eat ALL of the rice in one sitting, but it was touch and go for a minute.

Zucchini sliced and tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper rounded out our meal. I was happy that there was more zucchini for me, since he was so focused on the rice, win/win situation around our house.

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