Turkey Tenderloin


I am loving the turkey tenderloins in the grocery store.  It makes a nice change from chicken, they are really moist and tender, and they taste fantastic.   I steamed up a head of fresh broccoli and made a low fat cheese sauce using chicken stock and low fat laughing cow cheese.  Of course the hubby needs his carbs so I made him a batch of white rice.  I added a salad to our dinner and we dug in!


While sitting outside on the deck eating, we had a two unexpected visitors….


They were quite curious and didn’t seem to be bothered that we were hanging out on the deck.  I have been seeing more deer this year than in past years which is both good and bad.  I am so afraid they are going to decimate my garden, but it is nice to see them enjoying the bounty spring provides.  Hopefully they leave my garden alone and don’t run out in front of my car. I would much rather see them enjoying themselves in my backyard!

One thought on “Turkey Tenderloin

  1. You make me hungry . Glad that you post about good food, wish you lived closer so you could share with me. Love Aunt Helen

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