Brats and Beans

I had a lovely four days off of work, in a row!  which also meant, I had time to stop by the butcher on Friday and grab a few things for the weekend.   I had no intention of picking up brats, but the owner had just made them and put them in the case.  They really did look that good.

The grocery store had red, yellow, and orange peppers on sale this week so I grabbed two of each to saute and use as a topping for the brats.

Normally I poach the brats in beer but this is summer time and I am all about easy, which means making the hubby slow roasting of the brats on the grill.

While the hubby cooked the brats, I heated up a can of baked beans and sauteed the peppers with some red onion.

brats and beans

Don’t they look pretty?  The hubby loves Martin’s brand of potato rolls, so he used those to make his brats into a sandwich.  I don’t like squishy soft bread.  Give me something with a nice crust and I am in seventh heaven, so instead of a roll, I just had mine on a plate with the veggies.  Both of us were pretty darn happy with dinner, if I do say so myself, it was a pretty good impulse buy!

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