Neighborhood BBQ

Late Saturday afternoon I texted a few neighbors to see who was around on Sunday and if anyone was interested in an impromptu BBQ.  There were three other families around and interested.  Everyone brought food and drink, we relaxed on the deck, played some yard games, and genuinely had a lovely time.

It was so relaxing, just a casual get together of friends on a long holiday weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a better group of neighbors!  We had some hamburgers and two different kinds of sausage, I made my Mom’s cucumber salad, which as a total aside, the kids thought were pickles and ate nearly ALL of them, hehe!  My neighbors brought pasta salad, spinach salad, all manor of dips, chips, snacks, chicken sausage, hot dogs, and even two different types of sangria.  For goodness sake, no one left hungry, in fact, we had food to spare!

Since we had a bunch of kiddo’s at the party, I opted to make a batch of sugar cookies that I rolled in rainbow sanding sugar.  They were a big hit.  I don’t usually make sugar cookies, I tend to make chocolate chip or peanut butter, so I was pleasantly reminded about the power of a really good vanilla-y sugar cookie.  They were delicious, and the coarse sugar on the outside gave them a nice crunch to off set the chewy softness of the cookie.


The day ended with a beautiful sunset, that we all enjoyed while sitting on the back deck, laughing and talking.   What a wonderful mid summer night! I am so grateful to live in a neighborhood with such fantastic people.


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