Smoked Turkey

Tuesday was an incredibly busy day for me at work.  I conducted seven phone interviews for my open position.  In between the calls, rating the folks, and answering emails, I was a little late leaving the office.

I stopped by the store to pick up something that could be made in a jiffy.  They had a pre cooked, pre sliced, smoked turkey breast in the case.  I picked it up and thought, ehhh, how bad could it be?

smoked turkey

I put it in a disposable pan on the grill with a little bit of chicken stock to keep it moist.  In a separate pan I roasted some baby potatoes, also on the grill.   All I had left to do was add a salad and dinner was done!

The turkey was good, a little salty, but overall not too bad.  It isn’t something I would eat on a weekly or monthly basis, but on nights where  I need something on the table in a hurry, it wasn’t all that bad.  Live and learn, at least I didn’t resort to ordering a pizza, which was truly my first thought upon leaving work.   After all of the effort I put into eating healthy this weekend, I would have hated to blow it because work kept me a bit late.

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