This summer is flying by…

Usually I get a break in the summer, at least work wise!  This is the second summer in a row that I don’t have help in the office and it is really starting to take it’s toll.  I have a mountain of filing that needs to be done.  Today we contacted the top candidate for my open position and she is supposed to give us an answer by tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a big breakfast on Sunday morning.  I scrambled up two eggs, added some egg whites, salt, pepper, and garlic powder with a ton of fresh spinach.

eggs scrambled with spinach

It was delicious and exactly what I needed to start my day.  I had two cups of tea and then hit the road for a boatload of errands.   I didn’t even miss the toast…..I missed the fried potatoes, but sometimes you gotta sacrifice the carbs in the name of health.  Thankfully, I had enough protein in the eggs that I was full for a good long while.   Here’s hoping I get good news tomorrow!

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