I’m baaaacccckkkk!

Goodness gracious it has been a crazy few weeks.  I ended up with an awful infection that took two weeks to fight.  I wasn’t able to eat anything for the first five days and I have been slowly recovering.  To add insult to injury,  when I was finally able to start eating, I couldn’t have any dairy, seriously, no CHEESE, for 10 whole days….in a row.  That was just torture. I (FINALLY!) hired an assistant and she started on Monday.  I have been putting in 14 hour days, 7 hours training her, 7 hours doing my actual job.  To say that things around here have been busy and hectic is an understatement.

I am looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.  This will be the first time in a long time that I have had help, and goodness knows it is just in the nick of time. Freshman move in day is Friday August 26th, I cannot believe the new school year is upon us already.  I feel like the students just left two weeks ago.

We have a new President starting on August 22nd, which is exciting.  We have been lacking permanent leadership for so long, I think all of us are breathing a sigh of relief.

While I haven’t felt like eating, I still needed to feed the hubby, so I have been cooking.  I will be honest, the meals have been easy, quick, and not very exciting, but at least there is food on the table, right?

My go to comfort food, in any situation, is white starches.  What I really wanted to eat was mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes, but I couldn’t have them because of the milk and butter, I compromised by making pizza on the grill.  I  made the hubby a nice big beautiful pepperoni pizza.  I settled for what amounted to dough and sauce, since I couldn’t have the cheese or any veggies.  Not exactly what I wanted, but it would have to do!

Thankfully, I am feeling much better and I have been slowly incorporating foods back into my diet.  I can’t wait until I can eat normally again!

2 thoughts on “I’m baaaacccckkkk!

  1. Im o sorry to hear that you were under the weather, but really glad that you are better again I Love you Aunt Helen

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