Burger and Salad

Finally I am feeling like my old self!  To celebrate, I make burgers on the grill.  The  hubby wanted potato chips as his side, I was craving a salad. Good thing I had both on hand so we were able to keep the peace.

The hubby piled two burgers on a bun, I choose to eat mine with a TON of cheese and a HUGE salad.  We are both fans of having BBQ sauce with our burgers.  I like to dip mine, the hubby slathers it on the top patty, either way, it is pretty delicious.  We have been enjoying quite a few nights out on the deck, the weather, for the most part, has been good.  I know so many folks are biased against August, calling it the Sunday of Summer, but I love it. It is my favorite month to vacation, I want to steal every bit of summer I can before the cold days of winter arrive.   August is what I need to fortify myself for the coming months.  June is lovely, July is fun, but August, now that is the best month of the whole dang year!

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