Chicken Fajita’s

I love Tex-Mex food and thankfully, so does the hubby. I was looking for a light, quick, veggie filled dinner and right away I thought of chicken faijtas!   I picked up a package of boneless skinless chicken and marinated it in citrus and garlic.

I grabbed both red and green peppers from the store, sliced them up with some red and white onions.  It was a snap to prep dinner.  It gave me time to soak up the sun while reading a book on the back deck.  A great way to spend a weekend at home, if you ask me!

chx fajita

Everything but the rice was cooked on the grill.  I boiled the water, added the rice and headed back out to relax while it cooked.  I cheated and used store bought salsa, and pre shredded cheese, because summer should be about easy and fun.  I will go back to complicated, labor intensive meals in the coming months, but for now, what I really want is to spend time soaking up the sun while reading a good book.  Summer is KING!

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