Pork Chops and Pierogi

I love having frozen home made pierogi in the freezer.  They make such a quick, easy side dish for dinner. My schedule is getting jam packed and I am so grateful for that I have home made food in my pantry and freezer that can help me get a healthy, easy meal on the table after a long day (and WEEK) at work. For me, it is all about planning.  Taking the time to decide what I am having for dinner at least three days in advance and prepping what I can, when I can, so I am not stopping for take out is essential to my mental heath and my waist line.


I paired the pierogi with some bone less thick cut pork chops and grilled zucchini.   It was perfect.  I love mashed potatoes encased in dough, I mean honestly, who doesn’t like double starch!   When you add in a health dose of onions and cheese to the filling, all is right with the world.

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