Burgers and Fries

There is just something about burgers on the grill that screams summer to me.   I eat them other times of the year, but I think they taste better in the summer. Just my opinion, no idea if anyone else out there feels the same way.

Anyway, the hubby actually prefers his burgers on rye bread, as opposed to a roll.  I don’t eat mine on a roll, I like it smothered in cheese and dipped in either ketchup or BBQ sauce.


I had a bag of steak fries in the freezer so I cooked those up and served the burgers with fries and a side salad.  Soon the days are going to get shorter and we will be making more and more dinners on the stove, but I refuse to think about that right now.  Right now, I choose to savor the flavors and foods of summer!

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