Smoked Pork Chops

When I went to the farm stand on Saturday, I also swung by the butcher shop and picked up some meatloaf mix, bacon, fresh apple sausage, and smoked pork chops.   We had the chops for dinner on Saturday night.


Despite what my co-workers think, autumn is more than just pumpkin pie spiced food and beverages (ahem….yes, CASEY, I am referring to you!).  I picked up a butternut squash from the farm stand and used half of it to make butternut squash risotto to go alongside the chops.

The hubby and I are HUGE fans of smoked pork chops, but for whatever reason, we only like them in the fall and winter, go figure.  Thankfully fall has arrived so smoked pork chops are back on the menu in our house. To round out dinner, we each had a salad as our vegetable.  A true fall meal, that was very, very tasty!

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