Chicken Tortilla Soup

Because sometimes what you need after working seven days in a row is a really, really good bowl of soup.


Reunion weekend was fun, but it was exhausting for those of us who had to work.  Lots of long days, on your feet, making sure everyone is well cared for and having a good time.  I barely had time to grab a bottle of water most days, let alone eat, so a good hearty soup, filled with veggies was exactly what I needed. Well, and about twelve uninterrupted hours of sleep…

I started by poaching two boneless, skinless chicken breasts in stock.  While they cooked, I diced and sauteed three onions and four cloves of garlic.  I added three minced chili’s in adobo, seasoned the veggies with salt and pepper before adding a box of chicken stock.

Once the chicken was cooked through, I pulled it  from the pan, and allowed it to cool for a bit. I added that stock to the soup pot, tossed in a bag of frozen corn and two cans of black beans.  I diced the chicken, added it to the pot and let the whole thing simmer for an hour.  It was delicious, a hearty meal, just slightly spicy, teaming with veggies.  Thankfully, the hubby is always happy when I serve soup for dinner!

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