Pork Cutlets

I love breaded and fried pork cutlets for dinner, they are so, so delicious and so very easy to make! Does anyone call them cutlets anymore or am I showing my age?


Crispy, crunchy pork, luscious, creamy potatoes, and garlicky spinach.  Dinner of the gods if you ask me!

I stopped at Wegman’s on my way home Friday night and found thin cut pork chops.   I came home, peeled some potatoes and breaded the pork.  I like to let the pork sit for about a half hour after I bread it.  I find the breading sticks to the meat better when it has a chance to rest.

While the pork was resting, I minced the garlic for the spinach.  I turned the oven to 250 degrees, heated up a bit of vegetable oil in my cast iron skillet and got to frying.  While the meat was cooking, I started boiling the potatoes.  It really was delicious and exactly what I needed after a long week of work.

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