Football and Comfort Food

Over the Christmas holiday we hosted a small neighborhood gathering at our house.  Penn State was playing in the Rose Bowl so we invited everyone to come to our house to watch the game.  I was so totally in the mood for some good old fashioned comfort food.  It seemed like everyone in the ‘hood had come down with a cold or the nasty stomach virus that was making the rounds.  Instead of making a complicated meal,  I went for stick to your ribs, make you feel better, soup and put out a tray of cold cuts so folks could make their own sandwiches.

I made PA Dutch Pot Pie – basically a chicken noodle soup with home made noodles and tomato basil soup.  The pot pie was a HUGE hit, there was one small bowl left for the hubby to have for lunch the next day.   I couldn’t believe how quickly it went, especially consider how much other food we had on the buffet.   I guess everyone needed a bit of comfort to start out 2017, next year, I will be making TWO pots instead of one!

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