New Year’s Eve Dinner

Every New Year’s Eve, I try to make an indulgent, delicious, decadent meal to finish out the year.  This year, I felt like we needed a super duper special meal to say goodbye to 2016 – here’s hoping 2017 is a better, brighter year!

Veal chops, creamed spinach and baked potatoes with loads of butter and sour cream.  It was a meal fit for a King we totally enjoyed it.  My waistline is still angry with me, but boy oh boy, was it worth it!

The hubby grilled the meat while I baked off the potatoes and made the creamed spinach.   We had some cheesecake left over from earlier in the week that we polished off as our dessert.   The hubby watched football most of the night while I read a book.  Quite a boring night…. and yet, it was exactly what I needed to ring in the new year.  Some well deserved, and certainly needed down time.  The best way to recharge and get ready for an incredibly busy 2017.

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