The weather this week has been outrageous!  It was 66 degrees and sunny on Wednesday, then downright frigid, windy, and SNOWY on Thursday…..


Today the snow is washing away in the warmish rain.   Crazy, crazy, crazy!  Another crazy thing….I unexpectedly have the weekend off, the WHOLE WEEKEND, whoo hooo!  To celebrate, I went to the butcher shop and picked up a bunch of meat.

I made lasagna with the meatloaf mix and the hot italian sausage.  It turned out so, so delicious!  I made a HUGE pot of tomato sauce, so much in fact, that I ended up freezing three batches for meals later in the winter.


Goodness knows I have a horrible time resisting carbs…give me cold, dreary weather and well…all my good intentions go down the drain.  At least I am eating well…..right?   Happy winter everyone, the only thing that excites me about winter is the longer days.  Each and every day I get a few more precious minutes of light – spring is on the way, never fear!

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