Winter Vegetable Pot Pie

One of the hubby’s favorite dinners is pot pie – usually made with chicken, of course, so I decided to try my hand at a vegetarian one that would knock his socks off.

I found the recipe Deborah Madison’s cookbook “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone”.  I will warn you, I used quite a few dishes prepping this so if you aren’t prepared to wash dishes for days on end, this might not be the recipe for you.

It called for par boiling parsnips, celery root, and carrots (if you are keeping track of dishes – that would be a peeler, cutting board, knife, and bowls for each vegetable).  You were to toss the butternut squash with flour and pan fry it.  I choose to dice it and roast it in the oven (dish count – sheet pan!).  While all of that is cooking, you are supposed to saute 16 shallots in a saute pan.  I didn’t have shallots and I wasn’t going to spend the money on them when I had perfectly good onions in the pantry so – I diced two onions and sauteed them in a pan (dish count – saute pan, wooden spoon).  I wanted to be sure the onions were thoroughly cooked so I added a cup of vegetable stock to the pan after they had browned slightly, just to ensure they were completely tender.

Roasted vegetables

Once the vegetables are all cooked, you combine them in a bowl (another dish!) and add fresh thyme, salt, and pepper.

The recipe calls for topping the vegetables with an herb bechamel sauce (pan, whisk, spatula).  Because I had some gruyere cheese leftover from the onion soup on New Years Eve I shredded that and added it to the bechamel (cheese grater).

herb bechamel

You take the vegetables, add them to 2 cup oven safe containers, then top them with the bechamel (ladle) and finally cap the entire thing off with a square of puff pastry (rolling pin, cutting board, knife).

The recipe calls for beating one egg (fork, bowl) and brushing the top of the pastry before placing the dishes in the oven (sheet pan to catch the drips!).  So after 21 dishes, dinner was finally in the oven.  I have to tell you….it was worth EVERY SINGLE DISH.  In fact, the hubby was so impressed, he asked if I could make them again in February…only this time WITH CHICKEN!

vegetarian pot pies

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