Cast Iron Pizza

I don’t know how many of you watch the Bon Appetit video’s with their test kitchen mananger, Brad Leone but I love them.  I find him hysterical, although, I doubt that is the response he is looking for.  Anyway, as funny as the video’s are they are also educational and I have made quite a few of the recipes he demonstrates.

My latest attempt has been his Cast Iron Pizza recipe. In the video he is challenged to a hot sauce competition, which is beyond funny….anyway, I digress.

The night before I made pizza dough using my favorite recipe in my bread maker.  Toss in all the ingredients, hit the button, BAM, two hours later you have an awesome dough.  Anyway, since the dough was done, it was a relatively easy weeknight dinner.

Oh – and I cleaned my oven before making this recipe!  You heat the oven to 525 degrees and you MUST have a clean oven or you have a kitchen full of smoke.

It really helps if you have everything laid out and ready to go before you start making this pizza.  You really need to be quick once the dough hits the pan.

Start  by heating a dry cast iron skillet, on high, on the stove top.  Once it is smoking, add a little flour mixed with cornstarch (so the dough won’t stick).  IMMEDIATELY add the rolled out dough to the pan.  You don’t want to give the cornstarch/flour mixture time to burn.

Cook the dough for about 3 minutes, until it starts to bubble.  Ladle the sauce and add the toppings then slide the pan into the pre heated oven for 8-10 minutes until done.  Easy peasy!  We were thrilled with the results.  Since we are still eating vegetarian (the hubby hasn’t thrown in the towel yet folks!), our toppings were sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, shredded mozzarella cheese, onions, and sweet peppers.  This is absolutely a fantastic weeknight meal option and on days when the temperatures are hovering below freezing, it really warms up a kitchen!

cast iron skillet pizza

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