It took longer than expected…

But the hubby fell off the wagon.  He insists he will continue to be a pescatarian for the rest of the month of January, but he could no longer ignore his need for hops.  I figured he’d quit before now, so I can’t say that I am surprised.  He left this morning for a business trip to a town known for great seafood (which he loves!) so he may just keep his promise to not eat meat, only time will tell.   He intends on watching the football playoffs at one of his favorite breweries so there is definitely beer in his immediate future.

Before he left, I made us a quick breakfast, nothing fancy, just eggs, toast, and potatoes.  Simple and satisfying.  I LOVE TOAST. What is it about crunchy bread, drenched in butter that makes me so very happy? Anyway, I love when I have time to make eggs for breakfast.  During the week I usually have a yogurt or container of cottage cheese at my desk with a cup of hot tea, but on the weekend, I get to indulge in creamy eggs, buttery toast, and fried potatoes.  It is a beautiful way to start the day.


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