Thank goodness for Ham Steaks

What is it about traffic on Friday afternoons?  Goodness gracious – it takes me FOREVER to get home on Fridays.  Sigh….anyway, the  hubby was home from his business trip and I knew I would need a quick dinner that didn’t involve me dialing the local pizzeria.

I swung by the store and picked up two ham slices.   Easy, simple, and tasty!


I have been putting in quite a few hours this past week.  The spring semester is ALWAYS more intense than the fall when it comes to events and once again, I am a department of one. My assistant, Anna, is moving to Italy to teach English.  I am so excited (and really jealous!) for her, this is an amazing opportunity and it is exactly what you should do when you are in your early twenties.  She friended me on Facebook so I can follow her Italian adventures, but for me, it means a lot more hours until I can get someone hired and trained.

Dinners over the next month or so will need to be quick and easy, unless I find myself with an unexpected day off.   I don’t know why, but ham slices always make me crave mac and cheese.  The hubby was beyond thrilled with my choice of starch.  I did try to pair it with something healthy and green, hence the broccoli.   This is one of my go to, easy dinners.  While the pasta cooks, I whip up a simple cheese sauce, then combine the two and slide the dish into the oven for about 15 minutes.  While that is cooking, I pan fry the ham and steam the broccoli.  Dinner is on the table about 40 minutes after I walk in the door.

I usually start the water to boil, then run up and change clothes.  By the time I get back to the kitchen, I am ready to prep the broccoli and make the cheese sauce.

Once everything is under way, I set the table, pour myself a glass of something good and in no time at all, we have dinner. Speaking of something good – in the summer, I made a batch of brandied cherries – I used them and a bit of the sweetened brandy to make a very simple Manhattan to have with dinner.  Delicious and exactly what I needed after an incredibly long week!


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