Brownies and Ice Cream

Sometimes what you really need is a slab of chocolate and some really, really good ice cream.   Thankfully, I am more than capable of making both!


I whipped up a batch of deep, dark, chocolately  brownies, with chocolate chips mixed into the batter for good measure.  Now normally, that is enough to satisfy me, but on certain days, it is going to take just a bit more than chocolate to see me through the day.  How can anyone have a bad day when eating home made ice cream, and home made ice cream next to home made brownies….well….life just doesn’t get any better than that.  Who said you can’t have ice cream in winter…NOT ME!

The ice cream is actually buttermilk ice cream.  I found the recipe online and decided to try it out.  It was DELICIOUS and I can’t wait to make it again! It was the perfect compliment to the brownie.  It had a nice, slight tang from the buttermilk, the heavy cream and sour cream gave it just the right amount of fat to make your taste buds happy and the vanilla pushed it over the top. Awesome way to end the day!

Kielbasa and Peppers

My niece raises pigs and she was kind enough to share her a portion of her meat with us. One of the packages was kielbasa, which we both enjoy, so I decided to make that for dinner.

I sauteed a bunch of colorful peppers to go alongside, it really was a pretty dinner.


I baked off a bag of frozen french fries for the hubby, I was content with the kielbasa and veggies.  I am always grateful to those who share their bounty with us!


French Onion Soup and Steak

I LOVE slow cooked caramelized onions, add it beef stock and a whole lotta cheese and you have one fine bowl of soup!


I tend to skip the bread because I can’t STAND soggy bread.  There is nothing and I mean NOTHING in this world more disgusting to eat than soggy bread. *Shutter*, heck I can’t even type that without a full body shutter….ugggghhhh!

Anywho….I made the soup and we had that as our first course.  We followed it up with a lovely steak, baked potato, and salad for dinner.  Not a bad winter meal, if you ask me.  All the comfort foods in one place – cheese, potatoes, steak…..YUM!



Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks

Its what’s for dinner….because I had three events – Accepted Student Day, a playoff game for our Basketball Teams, and a Brewery Science event – on Saturday, and because I was tired, and my feet were killing me, I took the easy way out and made sandwiches for dinner.  Originally I was hoping to go out, but we got hit with these crazy horrible thunderstorms and I wasn’t in the mood to dodge hail, rain, wind, and lightening.  In the end, I think we made the best decision.  I was able to stop at the store on the way home, pick up the ingredients and just relax.


We were able to use up the cole slaw from the night before, which is always a win in my book, and honestly, who doesn’t love buffalo chicken EVERYTHING??  I know I do.   The roll was totally worth the calories.  I ate, put my feet up, and was able to read a book until bedtime.  It was the perfect way to recharge after a day filled with events!

Sloppy Joe’s

The hubby’s travel plans this week were a bit crazy.  He was supposed to be early in the day on Friday but the  airlines had other ideas.   Originally I was going to have salads with grilled salmon for him and grilled chicken for me, but not knowing for sure what time he would be getting home, I bit the bullet and went with a dinner that could simmer on the stove until he walked in the door.


I picked up a two pound package of ground beef at the store along with a green pepper.  I had celery, red peppers, and carrots at home already.   I try very hard to incorporate a TON of veggies in whatever I am making.  The hubby isn’t overly fond of veggies so I tend to sneak them in to meals.  For the sloppy joes, I made sure they were half meat, half veggies.

I diced up the three peppers (two red, one green), two carrots, three stalks of celery, two onions, and six cloves of garlic.  I sauteed all of them in a pan, seasoning them with salt and pepper, then removed them to a bowl.  I added the meat and fried it until it was done.  I added the veggies back in and started building the sauce – tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, and a little brown sugar.   I let it simmer for an hour while I made the cole slaw and got started on the mac and cheese.  Originally I wasn’t going to make the mac and cheese, I have been trying so hard to stay away from carbs…but this past week has been an insanely stressful one at work, I found myself with time on my hands and a serious craving for pasta.  Sigh… was SOOOOOO worth the calories!  The picture above is of the hubby’s plate.  I chose to eat my sloppy joes minus the bun, I skipped the cole slaw, but I did add a generous helping of mac and cheese to my plate.  Thankfully, I only made a small batch so I don’t have to content with a huge amount leftover in the fridge, taunted me with its cheesy goodness.

Grilled Chicken with Bok Choi

The weather last week was a total anomaly.  Seriously, it was in the 70’s all week.  Most days the sun was shining.  It felt more like spring than winter.  I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, I just know mother nature is going to drop a blizzard on us when we least expect it.   Anyway….I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and took the opportunity to grill out doors, we even ATE outside one night last week, whoo hoo!


I marinated boneless skinless chicken in a sesame ginger marinade, then grilled it.  While that was cooking I made a batch of white rice and quickly sauteed up some bok choi in a little of the same marinade.  It was delicious.  Quick, healthy, and so so satisfying!

I know global warming is a bad thing for the planet, but I have to tell you, I really enjoyed our weather the last few days.


The weather this week has been outrageous!  It was 66 degrees and sunny on Wednesday, then downright frigid, windy, and SNOWY on Thursday…..


Today the snow is washing away in the warmish rain.   Crazy, crazy, crazy!  Another crazy thing….I unexpectedly have the weekend off, the WHOLE WEEKEND, whoo hooo!  To celebrate, I went to the butcher shop and picked up a bunch of meat.

I made lasagna with the meatloaf mix and the hot italian sausage.  It turned out so, so delicious!  I made a HUGE pot of tomato sauce, so much in fact, that I ended up freezing three batches for meals later in the winter.


Goodness knows I have a horrible time resisting carbs…give me cold, dreary weather and well…all my good intentions go down the drain.  At least I am eating well…..right?   Happy winter everyone, the only thing that excites me about winter is the longer days.  Each and every day I get a few more precious minutes of light – spring is on the way, never fear!