Patty Melts

John has been on a rye bread kick lately.  Everytime he orders a sandwich, he has asked for rye.  When I make breakfast on the weekend he has been requesting rye toast.  Works for me, I love rye bread.   When I told him we were having burgers for dinner, he asked if he could have rye bread instead of a roll.   I said sure, and proceeded me make a match of caramelized onions so we could have Patty Melts.

patty melts

I made a batch of potato salad as our side dish.  Perfect late summer weekend dinner.  We were busy all day with projects, so making the salad and onions in the morning worked out beautifully.  All I needed to do was grill the burgers and the bread and dinner was served.

He made a “special sauce” to go with his burger – it was a combo of steak sauce and BBQ sauce.  He was thrilled with his concoction.  I am glad he is getting more adventurous!

Chicken and Rice

We seem to eat a lot of rice in this house.  I am totally not sure how this happened??  I LOVE all things starch, to be sure, but honestly, I prefer potatoes to rice.  The hubby will take rice over any other starch – every single time.   I have been trying to limit the amount of carbs I eat so I have been making it more and more often – basically so I am not tempted.

chx and rice

Marinated boneless skinless chicken, grilled outside with a HUGE batch of white rice.  Honestly, I have to limit the amount of rice I make, John has been known to eat three cups of rice at dinner.  That just isn’t normal… it?  Anyway, I have been craving fresh and green so I made a BIG salad as our other side dish.


My husband isn’t a fan of vegetables, so his salad is lettuce with croutons and dressing.  I on the other hand, LOVE veggies so this is a picture of my plate.  The onions are pickled red onions that I have in my fridge.  I made a batch a week or so ago and I have been putting them on everything.   I absolutely love that the days are getting warmer and longer, we have been able to eat outside quite a bit lately.  Summer is ALMOST here and I for one, CAN’T WAIT!

BBQ Pork Chops

We LOVE pork in our house.   Mom and I were talking on the phone the other day, she can’t seem to find a decent pork chop where she lives.  She says they are all tough, no matter how she cooks them.  Thankfully, we don’t have that situation here.

pork chop

I picked up thick cut boneless chops, which the hubby grilled for me.  He added some store bought BBQ sauce right before he pulled them off the grill.

I baked off potatoes in the oven and prepared the bagged slaw mix I picked up from the store.  It was an apple slaw.  The dressing was an apple vinaigrette and it was surprisingly good, especially when paired with the pork.

Luck for us, the weather held out again, and we were able to eat outside.  It has been almost non stop rain for the last few days.  Everything is just damp, through and through.  It has been really hot and humid, which doesn’t bother me as much as it does other folks, I just wish the sun was shining.  Yeah, I know, I am probably the only one who craves hot weather and massive amounts of sunshine.  I don’t care – it is what makes me happy!

Steak and Cheesy Potatoes

Memorial Day weekend means great sales on meat that you can grill.   I was in the grocery and they had NY Strip Steaks on sale, they were ridiculously inexpensive.  Normally I buy filets, because I hate wasting food and NY Strip Steaks are usually wayyyy  to much food for me.  Since it was a weekend and both the hubby and I were home, I knew he would eat my leftover steak with eggs for breakfast so I splurged.

steak and cheesy pots

The entire meal was made on the grill.  The steaks were seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning.  I cut up potatoes, tossed them with some diced onion, salt, pepper, and olive oil and put them in a pan to roast.  When they were almost done, I sprinkled them with some sharp cheddar cheese.  AWESOME – starch and cheese = amazing!

The asparagus was simply seasoned with salt and pepper and tossed with some olive oil.  Super easy meal, that looked beautiful on the plate and tasted even better.  PLUS we got to eat it outside on the deck.  The rain stopped for just long enough for us to get dinner grilled and eaten. I love that the days are getting longer and we are able to eat outside on the deck!

Corned Beef and Coleslaw

WHEW!  Commencement is OVER!  I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and take a few well deserved days off.   The week leading up to Commencement is insane, we have events every day.  Normally, my husband travels this week so I don’t worry about meal planning, I use that time to contemplate just exactly how much sleep I will be getting each day, then how much caffeine I will need to function the next day.

This year, I had to add in meal planning and prep, so I was basically a zombie, but I hid it well with makeup! Anyway, I am grateful to my crock pot for helping me get meals on the table with a minimum of prep and fuss.

corned beef and pots

I made a batch of coleslaw the night before so it was all ready when I got home.  In the morning, I put the corned beef and spices in the crock pot and poured a box of beef broth over the meat.  I set it for low, walked out and went to work.

After work, I just needed to clean and boil a small bag of baby potatoes, mince some parsley and melt a bit of butter.   YUM!  Hubby was happy, I was happy to be eating a meal that didn’t require me to be on my feet for very long AND since I cooked, the hubby was on clean up duty, yeah ME!

On a totally separate note, congratulations to the Class of 2018, I am so very proud of all of our graduates!

Pork and Beans

We love pork, especially pork tenderloin!  I picked up a seasoned tenderloin, honey chipotle, from the store.  The weather was FINALLY nice enough to grill out, whooo hooooo!

pork and baked beans

PLUS we got to eat outside, all in all a good day!  I am trying to limit my carbs so I paired the pork with a salad and heated up a can of baked beans for the hubby. He was thrilled.   The tenderloin was incredibly tasty and juicy.  It wasn’t all that “hot” – I expected a bit more kick from something labeled chipotle – but it was rather mild.   It tasted good, just wasn’t what I was expecting.  Either way, it was a beautiful night, the food was delicious, and I got to eat outside.  Have I mentioned how very much I love spring?

I’m about ready to build an ark….

Goodness, we have had DAYS of rain, total drenching rain.  It’s better than snow, but seriously, I am in desperate need of a little sunshine people!  All of our meals have been indoor meals lately, I’ve had no interest standing in the pouring rain to grill.  Call me lazy!

When my work schedule is insane, my eating tends to be erratic.  On event days I can forget my own name, let alone remember to eat or drink.  The other night I felt like I just NEEDED veggies so I made a huge batch of veggie stir fry for dinner.

veg stir fry

Doesn’t that just look amazing!  The colors are BEAUTIFUL!  I paired it with some boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I had marinated in a store bought Teriyaki sauce.  I made a batch of rice for the hubby.  That man can eat his weight in rice, it amazes me.  I don’t  mind rice, but I absolutely prefer potatoes.  Him – give him rice any day of the week and he is a happy boy.  Go figure?!

Anyway, I filled my plate with veggies and added a bit of chicken.  It was exactly what I needed and it totally hit the spot.   Soon I should get a reprieve at work, events are starting to wind down, we had our Conferment Ceremony on Friday, this coming week is Commencement.   We have a few big events in June then campus becomes a ghost town for the month of July. I CAN’T WAIT!  I desperately need this time to recharge my batteries and clean up my office, it is a complete disaster right now.  Hopefully the sun comes out soon and we can have our meals out on the deck….Summer is coming!