John and I snuck in a quick mid spring vacation this year.  We were invited to a friends destination wedding and I am so glad we went – for a multitude of reasons.  One – I was so very happy to be asked to share this special day with the bride and groom.  Two – I was able to spend five days with one of my best friends in the entire world.  Three – I was at a resort with a beach and tons of pools.  Four – it was sunshine and warm temperatures ALL WEEK LONG! Five – I really, really needed the break, this came at the perfect time.  I am now well rested, slightly tan, and ready to tackle Commencement!

Mexico 2018

We stayed at Excellence Riviera Cancun.  The service was impeccable,  the people were so friendly and welcoming, and the entire resort was incredibly well maintained. Our rooms were spotless, everything – from the towel station at the pools to our in room mini bar – were stocked at all times.  The attention to detail was amazing.  One of the folks in our party was celebrating a birthday while we were there, the breakfast staff overheard us wishing him a happy birthday.  When he got back to his room – they had dropped off a small cake and a note.

My friend and I booked massage appointments with the spa.  We elected to partake of the hydro therapy session before our appointments.  I jokingly call it Mexican Water Torture, but it was absolutely amazing.  One of the staff from the spa takes you through various water treatments.  By the time my massage appointment rolled around, I was so thoroughly relaxed.  Absolutely totally and completely amazing!

The hubby participated in a music trivia contest with a bunch of the folks in the wedding party.  Luckily, they won – it was a gift certificate for a massage, which the group generously donated to the bride.  I was sorry I missed it (I was at the spa), but the mother of the bride sent me a video, turns out that the winning team had to get up and sing.  My husband was voluntold and he chose a Bon Jovi song.  For those of you who know John, he can’t sing a lick.  Two cats fighting in an alley sound better, but by this point in the day, he had enough cerveza’s in him that he was feeling no pain.  The video is pretty epic!

I was sorry to leave, but the good news is the temperatures have soared in Philadelphia so I didn’t come back to dark, cold, and dreary!


The beaches of North Carolina

I love, love, love, the beach, but the beaches in the outer banks of North Carolina are especially amazing.


Sitting on the deck, watching the sun rise over the ocean is the perfect way to start any day.  I love the sounds of the waves hitting the sand, all of my worry and tension just melt away.

We spent one morning at the 4 wheel drive beach where we were treated to not one, but two visits from the wild horses.

I was totally surprised that we didn’t find very many shells on the beach this year.  Usually I come home with buckets full, but this year I didn’t find a single one worth picking up and bringing home.

I finally gave in to peer pressure while in the outer banks, one morning I stopped by and grabbed a box of Duck Donuts.  For those of you who are not familiar, let me explain.  The donuts are hot and are made to order, while you wait.  You pick a frosting, a topping, and a drizzle and in about 10 minutes you are walking out the door with a box of fresh, piping hot donuts.  I am not a big fan of donuts, and the idea of eating that much sugar for breakfast is not really my idea of a good time, but I decided I needed to take one for the team and find out what all of the hype was about.

They were, without a doubt, tasty.  A cake style donut, hot, and fresh from the fryer.  It was definitely worth trying, but not something I could eat more than one day while down the shore!

We ended our week bracing for the hurricane.  I LOVED watching the storm roll in…others in my party were not so thrilled dealing with a category one hurricane in a house that sits right on the beach.  I was the wing nut outside taking photos…..


The skies were beautiful and the ocean was wicked.  I had to open the back door around 2 am to re latch the outer screen door and I was covered with sand.  The wind was just whipping sand against the house.   Truly the only time I was a little nervous was  when we had to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  They had 60 MPH sustained winds with gusts of up to 80 MPH.  The waves were crashing onto the bridge.  Thankfully there weren’t many people on the bridge so we straddled the center and drove at a snails pace.

I can’t wait to go back next summer!

I’m Back…..

WHEW, we spend a lovely, fun filed week at in the Outer Banks and I never wanted to come home.   The house we rented with friends was right on the beach and every morning I had this view of the sunrise….

monday sunrise Tuesday sunrise

Amazing views, it was a lovely time to be down in the outer banks, the season is starting wind down so the roads, stores, and restaurants were a bit less crowded.   Just the sound of the waves hitting the beach every day is enough to send me into total relaxation.   We saw dolphins every day and most mornings we were greeted by a family of deer who liked to hang out in the woods near our rental.   I cooked all but two of the nights at the beach, but I only took one shot of our food and it wasn’t even of a finished plate, just the steaks before they hit the grill. This was the best stocked house we have ever rented in the outer banks.  The place was just lovely and I full intend on writing both the rental company and the owners about our experience.  For the first time, we are considering renting the same house for next year, it was just that fantastic!

OBX 2015 094 OBX 2015 095

Luckily, the group I was with vacations well together.  We are all early risers and most of us like to start our day with some form of exercise, so I had plenty of company on my daily walks.  We had one guy who flat-out refused to exercise while on vacation, he said it deliberately didn’t pack sneakers so he wouldn’t be tempted to even attempt any exercise.  You have to love that kind of dedication to relaxation!  I can honestly say, I truly needed a vacation, and this one was absolutely perfect.