Burgers and Fries

There is just something about burgers on the grill that screams summer to me.   I eat them other times of the year, but I think they taste better in the summer. Just my opinion, no idea if anyone else out there feels the same way.

Anyway, the hubby actually prefers his burgers on rye bread, as opposed to a roll.  I don’t eat mine on a roll, I like it smothered in cheese and dipped in either ketchup or BBQ sauce.


I had a bag of steak fries in the freezer so I cooked those up and served the burgers with fries and a side salad.  Soon the days are going to get shorter and we will be making more and more dinners on the stove, but I refuse to think about that right now.  Right now, I choose to savor the flavors and foods of summer!

Salmon, Spinach, and Rice

I know we should eat more fish, I know how healthy it is for you, I just completely and totally dislike fish.   Sigh….anyway….I make it, because it is the right thing to do, not because it thrills me.


At least it always looks pretty on the plate, especially when paired with fluffy white rice and sauteed spinach.

This was a picture of the hubby’s plate.  In all honesty, I should tell you that while I made him this lovely meal, I made myself a tomato sandwich because I just didn’t feel like eating fish.   In the long run, we were both very happy with our dinner choices and that is all that matters!

Babies, lots, and lots of babies

Holy cow, in the last few weeks there have been no less than five babies born.   Four girls and one lovely, little boy.

One of those beautiful baby girls was born to my friend Cat and her hubby.  I promised I would make them dinner after she was born and I always  keep my promises.

So many folks in our area bring pasta dishes to new parents, which is lovely, but by the second week you are tired of looking at another pan of baked ziti.  I on the other hand, go in the complete opposite direction and make something with absolutely no cheese or tomatoes.   I make a Hawaiian Pork dish.  You start by dicing and browning pork tenderloin.  After the pork is browned, I put it in a bowl, and brown the peppers and onions.  I like to use red, orange, yellow, AND green peppers because they look so darn pretty.   Once the veggies are tender, put them in the bowl with the meat.  Add one can of pineapple chunks and a mixture of soy sauce and cornstarch to the frying pan.   Whisk until thickened, toss with the meat and veggies and bake for approximately 35 minutes until hot and bubbly.  I serve it over rice.  It transports easily once cooled, and it re heats beautifully.  More importantly, since everything is cut into bite sized pieced, it is really easy to eat while holding a new born baby!

Since I was stopping over in the morning, I also made a batch of chicken salad for lunch.  I served that over a bed of greens with a loaf of ciabatta bread.  Healthy, quick and easy to eat, everything you need to feed lunch to a new Mommy.  Congratulations Cat!  Your daughter is beautiful, thanks for letting me stop by and hold your bundle of joy.

Speaking of bacon

Bacon…..lovely, lovely bacon.  It makes waking up on a Sunday morning something to savor.


I woke up starving and I needed to eat right away.  I put the bread in the toaster, started the bacon, and last, but not least, cracked two eggs into a skillet.   Once the bread was toasted, I slathered it with a generous amount of butter.  Within minutes I had a hot, tasty breakfast on the table.  The best part, I had the entire day off so I was able to enjoy not one, but two cups of tea, while sitting outside eating my breakfast.  It was an awesome way to end the long work week.  I know technically Sunday is the start of the week, but for me, Sundays are end of the week.  A day meant for relaxing, catching up on chores at home and savoring a really good meal.  Happy Sunday!

Pork Chops and Pierogi

I love having frozen home made pierogi in the freezer.  They make such a quick, easy side dish for dinner. My schedule is getting jam packed and I am so grateful for that I have home made food in my pantry and freezer that can help me get a healthy, easy meal on the table after a long day (and WEEK) at work. For me, it is all about planning.  Taking the time to decide what I am having for dinner at least three days in advance and prepping what I can, when I can, so I am not stopping for take out is essential to my mental heath and my waist line.


I paired the pierogi with some bone less thick cut pork chops and grilled zucchini.   It was perfect.  I love mashed potatoes encased in dough, I mean honestly, who doesn’t like double starch!   When you add in a health dose of onions and cheese to the filling, all is right with the world.


I love a good steak, steak is the reason I could never be a vegetarian, well, that and bacon….


Doesn’t that just look gorgeous?  Hands down it is a far better presentation than last nights dinner and just as tasty, if I do say so myself.

I know that I should serve mashed potatoes with steak so there is a complete and total texture difference between the meat, starch and vegetable, but there is just something so perfect about a steak sitting alongside a baked potato.

The asparagus was drizzled with olive oil and seasoned simply with salt and pepper.  I used Montreal Steak seasoning on the beef and loaded up the potato with a generous helping of butter AND sour cream.  Yum, yum, yum….I am a happy girl right now!

Chicken Thighs and Waxed Beans

I had already picked up a batch of boneless, skinless chicken thighs and potatoes for dinner, all I needed was a fresh vegetable to round out my plate. I stopped by the farm stand and they had waxed beans for sale.  I love waxed beans!


The chicken was marinated in garlic and herb.  The potatoes were tossed with a bit  of oil, salt and pepper and I simply steamed the beans and melted a pat of butter on top.  Simple, easy, delicious, if not monochromatic!

Who cares what it looked like, it tasted delicious and honestly, that is far more important to me.  If I was still cooking professionally I am sure this plate would make me crazy, but dinner at home, on the deck, on a beautiful simmer night, it is all about taste, not presentation.